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Shadowplant Calathea

“The Living Plant” by Teun Valstar. Beautiful and unique plants. Did you know that the Calathea:

The Calathea

The Calathea is a good lasting tropical houseplant in many different varieties. The plant is known for its beautiful leaf drawings, so a real eye-catcher. The special thing about these plants are the leaves that you see moving when it gets dark. This is because the leaf has joints, which are used to close the leaves when it gets dark. In the morning when it gets light again, the leaves open themselves again.


The Calathea originally comes from the dense rainforests of South America. The Amazon consists of a lot of shade due to its tall trees. This is an ideal place for the Calathea, they grow on the ground of the rainforest. The shade of these trees protects the plants from burning from the bright sun. Hence the name of our Shadowplant nursery.


Dottie 14cm

Badge 19 cm

Orbifolia 27cm

Inspiration & Tips

The Calathea is a very rewarding and sustainable plant as long as you know a few properties of it. For example, the Calathea cannot withstand direct sunlight. It is recommended to place the plant in a shade or semi-shady spot.


About us

Our company is fully specialized in Calatheas. We are inspired by the beautiful drawing on the leaf of the plants, and the many species that make up this plant family. The company was founded in 1985 and ...

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