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The environment is a priority for us. To achieve this we make use of geothermal energy, biological pest control, 100% recirculated water and less plastic packaging.

Geothermal energy

Greenwell Westland is a geothermal energy project of Shadowplant and 4 other fellow growers. In December 2011, the drilling went 3 kilometers deep into the ground through the layers of the earth in order to pump up hot water to heat the nurseries. The use of CO-2 has been minimized by using geothermal energy.

This sustainable initiative has now resulted in the Westland Inspiration Award, which was presented on sustainability day during the Westland Event.

When extracting geothermal heat, 2 wells are drilled in which pipes are laid. To pump the hot water up and the cooled water down again. The geothermal heat is delivered via a heat exchanger to the pipeline route to the connected companies.

Biological control 

Biological control is the control of harmful organisms in horticulture by introducing a natural enemy of these harmful organisms (especially spider mites and thrips). The advantages of this are that the environment is no longer burdened with pesticides.

Due to the harmful organisms, the natural enemy feeds itself so that it survives and multiplies. We are currently making optimal use of this at the company.


By means of our certifications we can demonstrate that we are so environmentally friendly. We register all fertilizers and energy requirements that are needed to grow the Calathea on a daily basis. The certificates we currently have are: MPS GAP, MPS A + and SQ social qualified.

Less plastic consumption

Together with the customer, we try to minimize the waste of plastic waste, such as recycled materials. Our cultivation pot is 100% produced by using recycled PET bottle caps, so that no harmful substances are created. We also use less and less plastic packaging material such as sleeves for our customers.

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