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Assortment Calatheas | 19cm

The Calathea originally comes from the dense rainforests of South America. The Amazon consists of a lot of shade due to its tall trees. This is an ideal place for the Calathea, they grow on the ground of the rainforest. 

The shade of these trees protects the plants from burning from the bright sun. Hence the name of our Shadowplant nursery. View our range of Calatheas 19cm below: 

Angela 19cm

Insignia 19cm

Mirosha 19cm

Orbifolia 19cm

Misty 19cm

Rufibarba 19cm

Silvia 19cm

Warscewiczii 19cm

Oppenheimiana 19cm

Ornata 19cm

Medallion 19cm

Shadow plant Teun Valstar

Gantellaan 1
2675SJ Honselersdijk

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