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The beautiful leaf drawings on the many variants make the Calathea a real star in the living room or office. If you want to know which variety suits you best, take a look at the inspiration photos of our plants below.


The Calathea is a very rewarding and sustainable plant as long as you know a few properties of it. For example, the Calathea cannot withstand direct sunlight. It is recommended to place the plant in a shade or semi-shady spot. Pay attention! As soon as the sunlight is too bright, the leaves burn. Cut out the leaves and move the plant to a different spot. Also, do not place the plant in a draft spot, the plants cannot withstand that.


It is also important that the plant receives a coffee cup of water 1 or 2 times a week. In warm weather it is often warmer in the house/office, so the plant can have a little more water. As soon as the plant is too dry, the plant becomes weaker, you can see this by the hanging / curling leaves. Make sure the plant does not have wet feet, this can lead to root rot. The optimum room temperature for the Calathea is between 18 and 24 degrees.


do not place in direct sunlight, partial shade / shade is no problem

A splash of water once or twice a week, a little more in the summer, a little less in winter

between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius

feed once a month

not in draft!

Did you know?..

  • The plant closes its leaves in the evening, and opens again in the morning, making the Calathea? The Living Plant? is called.
  • The Calathea converts harmful substances in the air and uses them as food.
  • The Calathea symbolizes a new beginning. That meaning comes from the English expression? To turn a leaf? what the plant does when it gets dark.
  • In the Amazon region, the leaves of the Calathea are used for roofing, for weaving baskets and as medicine.
  • The Calathea is known as one of the most air-purifying plants.
  • In winter, your Calathea is not so thirsty, you can water it less often.

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