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About us

Our company is fully specialized in Calatheas. We are inspired by the beautiful drawing on the leaf of the plants, and the many species that make up this plant family. The company was founded in 1985 and we started with 2 types of Calatheas in 1 pot size at a location of 5,000 m2. At the moment 12 different types of Calatheas are growing in 2 pot sizes in an area of 41,000 m2.

Over the years, the company has developed into a modern nursery and is progressive in optimizing cultivation. We use modern techniques such as a fully automatic sorting system so that each plant has the correct shapes, thickness and height when delivered. We strive to always deliver a top product of high quality and shelf life. With this we hope for many satisfied consumers.

  • 1986



    Construction of the first work shed on an existing greenhouse to process the orders

  • 1986

    Very first breeding

    Aller eerste kweek

    The first Calatheas are cultivated. Then there was already a concrete floor with an ebb & flow system. The stakeout was still manual work.

  • 1986

    First cash full

    Eerste kas vol

    For the first time, a greenhouse full of Calatheas! Calatheas have been cultivated since the start of this company, now still with several pot sizes and a wider range.

  • 1989

    First truck

    Eerste vrachtwagen

    The first truck was purchased in 1989. The auction has always been close by, so a ride to Naluk? was in it from the start. The plants are now also delivered to the Aalsmeer auction.

  • 1990

    Potting machine


    Machine potting for the first time with a Javo machine. The potting machine was quite modern back then. This time this is still used with us with of course a little more options.

  • 1997

    New truck

    Nieuwe vrachtwagen

    The old truck was replaced by a new one in 1997. A new logo and a new look are printed on it.

  • 1999

    New barn

    Nieuwe schuur

    1999 construction of the new (mainly larger) barn. The first shed that was built becomes too small to handle all orders. There will also be a dock shelter in this shed to make loading and unloading as easy as possible.

  • 1999

    Extra department

    Extra afdeling

    1999 at the same time as the barn, a piece of greenhouse was added. More orders obviously means more production, so something had to be done to achieve this. So an extra department.

  • 2000

    Water system


    Eb & flood water system works in the new department. This is still being used to make optimal use of the irrigation and drainage.

  • 2002

    Increased greenhouse

    Verhoogde kas

    In 2002 the greenhouse was raised for a better climate. In the photo (the right part) the greenhouse as a whole was raised a bit. This is done to stimulate a better climate.

  • 2002

    WPS department

    WPS afdeling

    New construction WPS department, to be able to sort the plants optimally. WPS stands for 'walking plant system'. This is literally also used in this way to be able to sort the plants by height and thickness by means of camera systems.

  • 2002

    WPS department (2)

    WPS afdeling (2)

    The gutters in which the plants come are installed. The sorted plants are placed in a separate gutter per length and / or thickness. As soon as the first ones are big and full enough, they are moved to the greenhouse via these conveyor belts to be released.

  • 2008

    Opening new department

    Opening nieuwe afdeling

    The opening of the new section full of Calatheas. A festive opening was extensively celebrated. Especially since the entire department is fully automated.

  • 2012

    Green Well Westland

    Green Well Westland

    Connection to geothermal energy network Greenwell Westland. This is a well that draws hot water from 3 km depth to heat the nursery. A sustainable way to bring the greenhouse up to temperature. The drilling of this started in December 2011, when the well was put into use together with 4 fellow growers.

  • 2019



    Expansion to meet the customer's wishes as much as possible. The almost 6000 m2 that has been added is used to create more supply. The first plants that could be delivered were ready in 2019.

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