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Air So Pure

We, as a grower, are members of the Air So Pure association. Air So Pure includes a group of plants whose healthy effects have been scientifically proven. These? Natural air fresheners? are specially selected for their strong air-purifying effect. Research (see below) shows that they:

How does it work?

The cells of plants are small chemical factories where chemicals are converted into other substances, substances are broken down and substances are built up. This is called phytoremediation

Neutralize harmful gases by absorbing and breaking them down

Improve humidity through their regulating evaporation process

Making the air healthier by effectively converting CO2 into oxygen


The green medicine

Every plant produces oxygen to some degree, but not many plants have these air-purifying properties. You can therefore also plant the Air So Pure? The green medicine? to mention.

The presence of these plants that purify the air ensures healthier and more pleasant work and therefore more well-being and productivity and less absenteeism. A nice extra is that these plants are easy to maintain!


Many years ago, NASA researched the production of oxygen by plants for the benefit of astronauts during space travel. These tests showed that there are many harmful substances in the air around us when we are indoors. Substances that come from the building materials and plastics in the building, but also from electrical equipment and perspiration and breathing of the people themselves. Because of these harmful gases and particulate matter, but also because of low humidity, people get complaints such as burning eyes, headaches and irritated mucous membranes in the throat and nose. Since the 1980s, many institutions have conducted research into this phenomenon known as Sick Building Syndrome.

Air purification

Good ventilation and purification of the air by plants is important in combating these complaints. NASA's research already showed that a number of specific plants could convert CO2 into oxygen more effectively than other plants. In addition, they greatly reduced the content of harmful substances in the air. After these plants had been in the test room for a few days, the subjects' complaints disappeared by themselves!

Since these tests, organizations such as TNO and PPO (Practical Research Plant & Environment) are still conducting research into this group of plants, which ensure a healthy and sustainable environment.

Do you also want to live and work in such a healthy environment? Put the light on green: choose Air So Pure plants!

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